Vast Media Pool


Based on Xinlian’s media and we-media database, Meitantan provides industry data retrieval and media communication effectiveness monitoring, evaluation, and other services for brand PR and marketing departments, PR companies, as well as related marketing departments.

Data depth and accuracy

Meitantan provides the capability for media content inquiries following in-depth data mining and management, ensuring that users can find accurate information. Users can also customize their own private media database to keep up with real-time information and media dynamics.

Media diversity

15 years of data accumulation, 100,000 media and we-media accounts

Unique media evaluation system

Data retrieval function targeting vertical industries

AI-powered chat

By integrating the popular ChatGPT LLM, Meitantan provides users with AI-powered chat features. This allows users to engage in natural language communication with the mini program when making inquiries to obtain information.

Outputs based on Xinlian’s media evaluation system

Generate KOL rankings for six major platforms (Weibo, WeChat, Xiaohongshu, Bilibili, Douyin, Kuaishou) at a regular frequency, based on Xinlian’s unique media evaluation system.