Deep Dive into Every Single Part of PR Work for Actionable Insights

Our Unique 3-4-3 Data Research Framework

Three Essential Analytical Models for Comprehensive Evaluation

Three Customized Report Formats for Varied Needs

Unlocking Deeper Insights:
Moving Beyond Linear Analysis to
Multi-Dimensional Approaches

By conducting a comprehensive analysis of communicators (brands), audiences (Internet users), media (including traditional media, self-media, and content aggregation platforms), and communication content, we provide an accurate reflection of communication performance and effectiveness.

Data Insights & Consulting

PR Campaign Evaluation

Our comprehensive analysis unpacks PR campaigns, meticulously evaluating the effectiveness of communication strategies, assessing the impact of channel and content dissemination, and delivering actionable recommendations based on valuable audience feedback. These insightful findings empower you to refine and optimize future communication initiatives, ultimately yielding the most impactful results.

Insights on Trending Events

By examining the progression of events and identifying key event nodes, including time, media, and content, we conduct a thorough analysis of communication patterns to unveil the underlying "invisible logic" driving the popularity of these events. Our findings empower us to be able to provide valuable recommendations for identifying and capitalizing on trending topics that resonate with your brand's objectives and aspirations.

Industry Topic Analysis

Focusing on the content dissemination trajectory, our analysis dives into the landscape of public opinion, industry characteristics, and contextual interpretation of the topic background. Going beyond event analysis, this research explores the extended lifecycle of topic dissemination. By deeply understanding these dynamics, we offer invaluable insight to shape your communication strategies and elevate your engagement with industry topics.

Marketing Communication Research

Communication Strategy Analysis

We keep you informed about China’s dynamic media landscape and evolving trends, offering you key takeaways to develop PR communication strategies by identifying where and how competing brands are mentioned across channels.

Industry Trends Analysis

We provide comprehensive analysis of relevant content encompassing products and consumers. Our research covers marketing and promotional campaigns, sales channels, consumer demographics, communication characteristics, your competitors, and industry trends.

Branding Campaign/PR Communication

Campaign Execution Analysis

At the conclusion of a campaign, we provide a comprehensive executive summary report that highlights the campaign's effectiveness. Our report encompasses various aspects, including share of voice (SOV), tonality, communication tendencies, highlight clippings, reach, and social media engagement. This detailed analysis offers valuable insights into the performance of your campaign, allowing you to assess its impact, identify key highlights, and make informed decisions for future campaigns.