Workflow Platform

This industry-leading data-driven CRM platform is designed with a media evaluation focus, providing a comprehensive solution for analyzing and managing your media database.

Campaign Analysis Reports

Our comprehensive campaign analysis reports leverage our extensive media pool to empower you with insights to assess the effectiveness of your media and campaigns. You can compare media data, analyze campaign data, and generate timely reports for regular campaign reviews, enabling you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your PR strategies.

Enhanced Media Tagging for Deeper Media Evaluation

With our advanced 360-degree media monitoring capabilities, we have built a vast and diverse network of media resources. Through precise tagging and categorization, we capture the true essence of media dissemination, enabling deeper analysis and evaluation.

Robust Media Evaluation System for Accurate Assessment

Our unique communication evaluation framework focuses on two key dimensions: Capabilities and Effectiveness. By breaking down these dimensions into subcategories and employing various evaluation methods, we ensure a scientific and precise assessment of effectiveness.

Comprehensive Media
Management Solution for Improved Efficiency

In today's complex and ever-changing media landscape, effective media management is crucial. Our solution empowers you to evaluate the value of media coverage and streamline media relationships, enhancing your application efficiency and delivering more objective results.