About Us

Xinlian (Beijing) Media Watch Limited is at the forefront of media monitoring and communications research and measurement services in the ever-evolving integrated media landscape. With a commitment to innovation and driven by advanced technologies, we have established ourselves as a leading provider in the industry. As an independent third-party entity, we maintain an objective and impartial stance, ensuring the reliability and integrity of our monitoring data. With over 20 years of experience in media and communications research in China, Xinlian has developed into a specialized media intelligence supplier with advanced capabilities in data crawling, data mining, and integrated evaluation. Our focus is on delivering high-value business intelligence services to both domestic and international enterprises and organizations.

Xinlian is the first company from the Chinese mainland to join the international media monitoring organization, FIBEP. We are also honored to be the inaugural Chinese mainland full member of the International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC). Moreover, we have forged strategic partnerships with esteemed institutions and renowned companies, including the Institute of Journalism and Communication Studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the School of Management at Beijing Normal University, People's Daily Online, Xinhua News Agency, Qihoo 360. These valuable collaborations enable us to conduct extensive research and foster cooperation across diverse fields, effectively empowering PR professionals with comprehensive and efficient solutions.

As a leading media intelligence provider in China, Xinlian combines data services with five core solutions: All-in-one Media Monitoring, Brand Reputation Management, Media Analytics & Measurement, Data Insights & Consulting, and Multilingual Services. Our comprehensive offerings empower brands by enhancing their communication effectiveness and maximizing their return on PR efforts. We are dedicated to deepening insights and making your communication more impactful.



Founded by veterans from
Xinhua News Agency
Commenced providing
media monitoring services to clients both
domestically and

Launched in-house iNews, iRTV,
and other i-series tools



Joined FIBEP, the
international media
monitoring and
intelligence association

Established Data Insights &
Consulting Dept. and
Multilingual Service Center



Established the NLP Artificial
Intelligence Algorithm Dept.
Launched iPR, a communications
measurement and evaluation platform
Launched the Meitantan

Established the Brand Reputation
Management Dept, providing
comprehensive PR
communications services



Joined AMEC, the global
association for
communications measurement
and evaluation
Established the Media
Research Center to provide
in-depth media & PR
communications evaluation

Successfully obtained four national patents in the field of
media evaluation
Have acquired 21 national software copyrights for data
crawling, data processing, and related tools
Upgraded the i-series products to version 5.0 for improved
user experience



Continuously upgrade our services and
explore the value of data by increasing
our investment in AI technologies

Technical Excellence

Data Crawling & Processing

Our exceptional data crawling and processing technologies enable us to accurately and efficiently gather, clean, store, and analyze data from multiple sources, providing you with high-quality and reliable data analysis support.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) Technology

We employ automated processing and analysis techniques on various types of textual data, including sentiment analysis, topic analysis, entity recognition, and more. This enables us to deliver in-depth and comprehensive data analysis results.

AI and Machine Learning

Leveraging advanced technologies such as deep learning, neural networks, and natural language processing, we intelligently analyze, mine, and process large volumes of data. This deeper understanding of your business and user needs enhances your commercial value and competitiveness.

Research Excellence

Innovative Four-Dimensional Visual Scoring Mechanism for Crisis Management

By assigning scores and scientifically analyzing operations across four dimensions, including Media, Content, Volume, and Reach, we swiftly define the crisis level. This allows for the immediate implementation of crisis response plans, buying valuable time for crisis management.

Robust Media Evaluation System for Accurate Measurement

With our unique communications evaluation methodology, we evaluate and measure Capabilities and Effectiveness. Through various combinations and evaluations, we ensure the scientific accuracy of our measurement results.

Integrated Communications Measurement Model for Actionable Insights

Our multi-faceted analysis approach considers various factors influencing PR communications, while guiding communications plans and practices. This enables a better understanding and analysis of media communications, facilitating the development of scientifically sound communications strategies and measures to enhance effectiveness and impact.

Our Credentials

Management Certificates