We Monitor 100 Million Online Sources 24/7

to capture your mentions across varied online channels

Seamless Integration of Monitoring & Insights

We analyze the conversations surrounding you to gain deeper insight into the drivers of sentiment. Our comprehensive analysis helps us understand what people are saying about you, why they say it, and identifies key factors that could impact brand success. Additionally, we identify influencers, track your competitors' activities, make comparative analysis, and provide real-time data reports to keep you updated on the latest industry developments.

Real-Time Data Analysis and Reporting

Data analysis & reports

  • Volume
  • Reach
  • Sentiment Breakdown
  • Sentiment Tendency
  • Top Media Breakdown
  • Coverage Breakdown
  • Topic Keywords

Real-Time Alerts Dashboard

Receive real-time alerts

  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Sensitive News Alerts
  • Alert Tag Management
  • Multi-Channel Delivery (email, WeChat and mobile)
  • Export of Custom Crisis Reports

Powerful Search Filters

Powerful search filters

  • Quick or Advanced Searches
  • Unlimited Keyword Entries
  • Media Type Filtering
  • Language Filtering
  • Boolean Search
  • Source
  • Author
  • Query
  • Tag

Custom Reports Downloading

Save your data forever

  • Download Custom Reports in Multiple Formats
  • Customize Your Metrics
  • Export Single Graphs
  • Schedule Reports for Auto-Delivery
  • Online Checking or Downloading

Real-time Data Dashboard

Real-time Data Dashboard

  • Top Media
  • Sentiment
  • Top Accounts
  • Distribution Region
  • Breaking News
  • Keyword Cloud
  • Media Ranking
  • Communication Tendency
  • Source Attribution

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